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About Nicky T

Nicky T is synonymous with paintball. Having worked for industry giants such as Smart Parts and Planet Eclipse he now brings over two decades of experience to his new role as European Sales and Marketing Director for Virtue Paintball.

As experienced and versatile on the field as he is off it, his talents have been put to great use by powerhouse teams in the UK such as The Rushers, Mayhem Tigers, Shockwave, Nexus and more recently an eclectic mix of European teams including Blackout (Belgium) and Gladiatori Unicusano (Italy).

This wealth of knowledge about the mechanics of the game as well as the skills required to win, made his articles in Facefull magazine an essential read.

A true student of the game in every sense, he openly embraces every opportunity to continue learning with the same passion and pride that he exudes when teaching others to improve.


Twenty-six years of playing experience, thousands of eliminations, millions of paintballs fired and countless mistakes made and consequently learned from add up to a wealth of knowledge that is waiting for you to tap into it and improve your game.

Every player will naturally reach plateaus in their progression to be the best. Having encountered and overcome these personally I can help you to maximise your potential, either as an individual or as a complete team.

A Nicky T clinic is tailored to meet your needs; a truly bespoke service designed to match your requirements. With clinics already run throughout Europe, USA, South America, Australia and South Africa get in contact today to discuss your requirements further and find out how I can help you.

Feedback from Clinics

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to run a paintball clinic with Volatile, Volatile Rogues, and NG Knights last Sunday! Your attention to detail was immaculate and we all found it extremely useful having each drill broken down to the very core. We all came out of it with individual improvements that we can hopefully take forward to our upcoming tournament! I would definitely recommend spending a day with Nick out on the field if you’re looking to improve your game. Feel more confident already Edd Wright

Volatile Rogues

” Nicky has a very positive outlook, and is extremely flexible in how the day is run, make no mistake, you get worked over! His coaching is focused on getting the correct outcome, refining the best techniques, and developing a greater insight into the modern game. He does drive the attendees hard, and offers immediate feedback, often resetting drills multiple times, until he is happy that you have grasped the importance. At the end of the session I was left pondering this simple thought….. Why had it taken me so long to figure that out, maybe without Nicky’s input I along with many others would still be scratching my head.” Mark Blakemore

SaD Paintball Club

Thanks to Nicky T for the superb training course today at the Skirmish pro training centre. I had a great time, learned some new skills and had fun. A massive thanks to the legend Nicky T for fixing my hopper, good man! Well chuffed! Stuart Game

Test Drive

Have you always wanted to try the equipment that the Pro’s use? Well now is your chance!

Thanks to the generosity of my sponsors, I can facilitate the chance for you to try out the very same products that I choose to use whenever I play paintball. Try the various models of the Virtue VIO goggle system, test out the very latest Spire III and Crown SFII loader technology, shoot the phenomenal Luxe Ice and Shocker RSX markers and enjoy the accuracy of GI Sportz range on paintballs.

For further details of setting up your own personal test drive, please message me directly using the contact form.

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